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a simulation

March 23, 2010

I was horrifically rained on today on the way home from uni, and my hair became so unspeakable awful that I couldn’t take any outfit posts when I got in!!

So I decided to have a helping hand from Polyvore and simulate what I wore today!!

Today’s look is one part sexy-Parisian-school girl, and another part burglar chic. You will see what I mean. Obviously the actual attributes of my outfit are different from the ones in the picture, but they are practically the same.

This outfit came about a bit by accident; I wanted to wear this outfit with my playsuit (see my post a few days ago), but the neckline just wasn’t right with the striped top, and as I’d worn my shorts yesterday, I pulled out my bandage skirt and voilà!!

I think I’m going to put my legs away tomorrow though. Even though I’ve had skin colour tights on my legs have been getting a bit chilly!!

In my oufit, the skirt was topshop, striped top was primark, belt was new look, pearls were topshop, socks were H&M, brogues were Peacocks and leather jacket was H&M.

I’m sure I must have featured my little Peacocks brogues before? They’re amazing and they were only £15!! I adore them. I am also carrying on my love for knee socks and monochrome. Yes I know it’s coming into Spring, but monochrome is always incredibly chic; if it’s good enough for Chanel, it’s good enough for me!!

I’d better get on though, I have £50 of stuff in my New Look basket I’m going to order when I finish my essay- yay!!

Charlotte xxx

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  1. March 23, 2010 23:13

    You have great style- I think I will wear a variant on this outfit tomorrow! Turquoise and white striped shirt, black knee-highs, black pencil skirt, flats, and a cardi. Thank you!

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