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he’s just not that into you.

April 13, 2010

Today’s outfit is inspired by a woman who is one of my favourite style icons; Alexa Chung.

Okay she gets a lot of stick for being too skinny/looking like a grandma/looking like she needs a wash, but as far as I’m concerned she is utterly fabulous. I love all her outfits; the Chanel dresses, the casual festival-chic look, her kohl rimmed eyes. She is fabulous. She says she dresses how anyone else dresses, I say she dresses like a very stylish anyone!!

I never usually mix denim and black. I have issues with it, okay? I always find it seems too simple and just doesn’t work. I’ll never wear a black top or cardigan with blue jeans or shorts. I don’t know why. But I decided if it’s good enough for Alexa, it’s good enough for me!! I really like this outfit, and I think I could also wear it with black tights and boots or black flats. Shoes were a tenuous issue, but I thought Alex does love her Chanel pumps!! Mine are quite Chanel though…

I’m not really majorly keen on these photos. I took these about half 8 this morning so the grass was still too dewy to sit on so I find these photos a bit boring. I also really can’t pull off this red lipgloss and couldn’t find my red lipstick :[[[

I bought a flower for my hair today which I’ve been wearing all day- I’ll wear it tomorrow, it’s so cute!!

striped top- primark, denim waistcoat- vintage skirt- topshop pumps- new look belt- new look (from another dress) pearls/necklace/treble clef necklace- topshop/ sunglasses- dorothy perkins

Today was my first day of fake tanning for the year. Well, self tanning moisturiser. I am very pale and I do like having a bit of colour. I don’t like being in the sun and my mum had skin cancer a few years ago so I would never use sunbeds or lie in the sun. It’s a very sensitive issue for me and one that forces me to keep my mouth shut!! We’re a huge fan of tan from a bottle in our house. I think I’m on Garnier today, but it hadn’t really come out yet so I’m still in tights!!

Ooh my new high waisted shorts came today!! I think I’ll wear them tomorrow!!

Have a lovely day :]]] I’m going to get back to my revision!!

Charlotte xxx

EDIT: Have a listen to this, it’s a hilarious parody about the town I’m from-

double EDIT: thank you to Laura for this- if you haven’t seen the new full-length Sex and the City 2 trailer- DO IT-!!


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