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Why I love geeks.

April 21, 2010

First of all, two words; Seth. Cohen. My absolute dream man. You see, I love geeks. Because what is a geek really? A guy with a passion. And who doesn’t have passionate listed on their dream man list? He could be passionate about science, computers, music or (my personal favourite) literature, but the fact is he’s interesting, he’s passionate, and he’s found something that he loves. And what is bad about that?

I’ve always had a thing for geeks. I love intelligent men. I love a man I can have a passionate and interesting discussion with, and who can show me that he really cares about something. It also helps that I love tall, skinny guys; I also love glasses, or curly dark hair, or any other adorable attributes. Geeks are usually the good guys. Usually. They’re usually the guys who got picked on at school because they worked hard and probably weren’t good at sport. They’re usually the guys who have a lot of female friends and are generally the nice guys. These aren’t the bad boys with tattoos and a motorbike. They’re the guys who get good grades, are passionate and caring, and are probably really close to their Mums’. And for me, being close to their Mum means much more to me than a guy who would describe himelf as a ‘playa.’

I think it stems from the fact that I am a geek myself. And damn proud of it. To be totally honest, I’m pretty boring. I like books and reading and writing, emo music and literary discussion. I was never really popular in school. I preferred to get on with my work. I was a bit of a loser really, and the truth is, I still am. I still love reading, spending time with my parents and early nights. But I am passionate about things that I love; whether that’s authors and books, films or bands that I adore. I’m always excited about stupid little things, and I’m always obsessed with something. I have never been cool.

I love a guy doing an interesting degree, and something that he loves. Passion is exciting. To hear someone wax lyrical about something they love is completely inspiring. And being with someone passionate and exciting about something allows me to show the side of me that loves literary debate and discussion. I love guys who are sensitive. I love a guy who isn’t ashamed to show some emotion. And a guy who actually still believes romance is alive and kicking.

Okay, this isn’t always the case. But I love a nice guy. I’ve never had a thing for bad boys. I like a guy who I can take home to my mum, and a guy who can chat to my Dad. I like a guy with something between the ears. Intelligence is much sexier than nice hair and a pretty smile. I’ve always been a good girl, a nice girl. I’m forever told I’m the girl guys want to marry. And for a while I considered that to be a bad thing, how many guys have you said that you couldn’t date but you would love to marry one day? I’ve always found it frustrating thatI was that girl that was too nice to go out with, but told I would make a great wife. But I’ve started to see it as a positive thing. There’s nothing wrong with being smart and nice.

So to all the geeky boys out there, where are you? You’re the reason I sit in coffee shops peeking over my book, and look round hopefully whenever I go to the library. Just hoping that maybe, just maybe, there’s a kindred spirit out there just as nice and geeky as me.

Bad boys need not apply.

Charlotte xxx

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  1. BIBC permalink
    April 21, 2010 17:14

    Your musings always seem to put a smile on my face.

    I love the line
    “You’re the reason I sit in coffee shops peeking over my book”
    it gives off a very cute mental image 🙂
    also reminds me of a film where two people happen to be peeking over their books at the same time and catch each others eye.

    couldn’t date but love to marry – when most of the guys I know think of dating they think of sex, where as marriage normally means respect, love and forever. So maybe the guys just liked you too much to date you…maybe, maybe not, but it is a nice thought.

    I hope you meet your geek someday, I also hope when you do meet it is as beautiful as it is random 🙂


    • April 21, 2010 17:24

      and ahh thank you :]]] i’m never really sure if people like my musings, because they are literally the thoughts that come to me during the day and i think “wow I should really write on that!!”
      haha- sitting in coffee shops with endless lattes reading is my ultimate favourite pastime :]]]]
      haha maybe!! i know one of them, a guy I was on off seeing for months (the one who The Truth was written about), always seems to suggest that I’m the perfect woman. I think he doesn’t want the complications of a relationship, but thinks we’ll end up together. well, maybe.
      i literally had 3 guys in one night say it to me. it’s weird, it’s a bit of a back handed compliment really!! i mean I guess it means I’m nice and lovable and i’d be a nice little wife, but at the same time, don’t we all want to be that girl who makes guys fall at her feet? I hope they all come to their senses are realise that I’m already nice but i’m just not ready for marriage yet!!
      I’m gonna write about this too- i just haven’t got round to it yet!! Whether girls like to be told they’re marriage material, whether it’s bad to be too nice, and how to feel when someone wants to be your backup!!
      and ahhh so do i!! I spent the day in the library today and he wasn’t there!! maybe I need to hang out in game shops and comic stores!!
      I think i want someone in between seth cohen and dan humphrey!!


  2. Juicy permalink
    April 22, 2010 06:23

    I love this post. I love tall, thin, geeky guys as well (or rather, tall thin guys happen to love me 😉 ) but here is the thing with Geeky guys, a lot of them are incredibly shy. Since you look like a million bucks with your cute outfits and fantastic hair, I think you might have to be the one to approach them first and probably make the first move. Cause you know, you don’t actually look like a geek and some guys are way too intimidate to come to you first. 😉

    You might be rejected a few times, but if you don’t take that chance, you will miss the guy peering over their book in the coffee shop also possibly hoping that you’ll be that nice/geeky girl that they’ve been searching for but possibly too nice to come up to you in a coffee shop.

    Say something like, “I don’t normally do this.. but I like your book/shirt/eyes/hair/bag, etc. Mind if I sit here?” And just be your cute self. I think geeky men wouldn’t know what saintly deed they did in their life to have someone like you drop in their laps.

    Its the American in me to be forward and get what you want! Also, I’m pretty (fairly, absolutely positive) that the minute you open your mouth in the U.S, guys are going to be failing over you cause you are exotic and have this cute accent. Play it up for all its worth. “French fries? We say Chips in Britain and for Chips we say Crisps! How charming!” (Haha)

    Last thing, the wife comment. It is a back-handed compliment! Girls say that to guys (at least here) that they would be good husbands but are too nice to date. Maybe find them at the party? Listen to the girls when they talk about boys and then go find the nice boy! That kind of gets my goat but maybe its better for you to be the wife instead of the mistress or floozy girlfriend.

    Good luck!

  3. April 22, 2010 09:11

    haha you are so sweet, thank you. I have in my little box on facebook ‘i look much cooler than i am’. It was a phrase I realised fitted me perfectly after a date with a guy who gave me his number while I was at work in my local student’s union bar. He never spoke to me again after the date. I, at the time and kinda still do, think that he thought, oh this girl works in a bar and seems to be having fun and she has pink hair. she seems pretty cool. Then he went on a date with me and realised that I’m incredibly excitable, I get bored easily, i talk way too much and about everything and I really like reading and getting my essays done on time!! I think when he realised I wasn’t the kinda girl he could just get a quick shag out of he scarped!!
    I think I tend to have a kinda cool persona, where I show the side of me that likes to go out and have fun and have a laugh. but when people get to know me they realise i’m neurotic, obsessive, a total worrier, and to be honest, a bit of a loser. i’ve never claimed to be cool, in fact, i’m pretty boring.
    I definitely want to take your advice!! I wish I wasn’t so scared of rejection!! You’re right though; I should just go up to someone that I think is cute and make the first move. I think I love the thought of a shy guy. Or at least someone who comes across shy until you get them out of their shell. I am definitely not shy!!
    And i love your advice on going up to guys in America. I hope that works!! I’m such a sucker for an American accent,; I hope they love mine too!! If I hear anyone with an American accent I have to go talk to them!! I always ask them where they’re from :]]]
    haha that sounds like great advice :]]] I think when your 20 and everyone is having casual sex it’s frustrating to be the nice girl and have some morals. But like you say, it should pay off in a few years time!!
    I love your comments, they always make me smile :]]]


  4. April 24, 2010 09:43

    I’ve found the problem girls!!
    This facebook page understand my life!!


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