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April 23, 2010

Oh god, I hate packing.

I really really hate packing.

You might have noticed, I have a lot of clothes.

In fact, a lot of everything!!

And every time I come home, more clothes that I haven’t worn for ages become more appealing. I always end up with a lot more stuff coming back than went back!! And I don’t have much wardrobe space at uni.

I have clothes in drawers, clothes in the bottom of my wardrobe , at the top of my wardrobe, clothes on the back of my door, clothes in an Ikea hanging storage…thing. Clothes everywhere. With shoes and bags under my bed.

And the worst thing is, I have a 40KG luggage allowance for my year in America. For a YEAR.


I’m never mastered, or wanting to master, that whole “capsule wardrobe” thing that Gok Wan goes on about. I mean, what’s fun about that? I love clothes. I love dresses and skirts and tops and shorts and shoes and jackets and coats… I love clothes!!

Clothes are my addiction. And I argue it’s much healthier for me than drink or drugs. Clothes make me happy. And not just the thrill of shopping. Opening my wardrobe to beautiful clothes, making wonderful outfits; that’s what makes me happy.

A girl can never have too many clothes.

But right now I could do with some more storage space!!

Maybe you can have too many clothes…


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  1. BIBC permalink
    April 23, 2010 10:05

    I think the simpliest solution to all your problems is to just buy really skimpy clothes from now on;

    Save on weight because there is hardly any material
    Save on storage space too 🙂

    A more realistic solution for your American problem is to take the clothes you can’t really buy anymore to America and then go on a couple of shopping sprees 🙂
    On a side note, are you really worried about 40kg limit??? that is practically your body weight. I think they should do the whole weight limit another way.

    Average guy weights more than the average woman, however the average woman takes more luggage than the average guy, so i think they should simply have a weight per person. That way you can take more clothes ^_^

    I’m also waiting for mini storage black holes to become available, being able to store everything in a drawer would be nice.

    Also like to point out I am awful at packing, in the sense I wait 10 minutes before I have to leave to catch the train before I start, I don’t match the bag to the amount I’m packing and I always forget one thing. It has almost turned into a little game, What Will I Forget This Time?

    I do also think clothes are a healthy addiction,

    you buy a drink, you drink it, it is gone
    you buy a couple of drinks, you drink them, they are gone…and you feel slightly ill.

    Although saying that, I’ve bought a couple of shirts, seen how much I’ve spent and felt slightly ill 😛

    A girl can’t have too many clothes, she can just have too little space to put them in 🙂

    • April 23, 2010 11:57

      haha I love that idea. thing is though in Minnesota, I’d probably die!!
      They’ve said if you’re going somewhere cold though to buy all your warm clothing over there, so maybe i’ll fill up on summery tops and dresses and use your advice- skimpy clothes= less room being taken up!!
      I can’t wait to go shopping in the US!! But I’m going to miss the good old British High Street. And Top Shop is SO expensive over there!!
      Haha yes but it’s only in 2 cases and I have a LOT of shoes. I bring so much home for the holidays it’s ridiclous. I’m always scared of forgetting something I need, and in this case I did. But I can’t do a 4 hour round trip next year if I forget anything!!
      I totally think that should be the case. Why should fatties get an extra 10 stone of weight over me, but I can’t have 10 more stone of luggage?!
      Oooh yes- storage black holes!! yes!!
      haha i HATE forgetting stuff!! arrgh it drives me mad!!
      I’m glad you agree. See you are totally on my wavelength.
      Let’s be best friends :]]]]
      my best friend got me a card with a horse (i think?!) on wearing 4 different shoes and it said “a girl can never have enough shoes, just too few feet to put in them.”


  2. Isabel permalink
    April 23, 2010 11:14

    40 kg sound amazing! I had a 15 kg + 10 kg (for hand luggage) allowance for my year abroad!!

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