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girl next door fashion has moved!!

August 19, 2010

If you’re looking for girl next door fashion, you can now find it at

Please update your bookmarks/rss feeds/ blog rolls etc.

I will be keeping this domain but all new posts will be at my new address.

Thank you for all your support, I hope you all follow me over to my new home.

See you on the other side.

Charlotte xxx


First post at new blog.

August 18, 2010

Hi there :]]]

Okay I think I’m finally taking the plunge and moving to my new blog.

New post here.

I hope you follow me to my new home.

I scared :[[[


getting there!!

August 17, 2010

Finally imported all my blog posts to my new domain!! Just a bit more to do and then I can finally move over!! :]]]


and I wonder if I ever cross your mind

August 12, 2010

Today is kinda a sad, but exciting day. This is likely to be one of, if not the, last post at  I have just purchased the domain, and within the next few days I will be moving my entire blog over there. I’m sad; I’m going to lose all my stats and comments. I’ve loved being here at wordpress but I’m ready to move on. Please please please can you update your RSS feeds, bookmarks etc as you will no longer be able to access my blog at this address fairly soon. I’m hoping to open a new account on here though when I’ve transfer with a post saying “no!! i’m not here anymore!!” so what do you have to remember? !!

Got it? Good :]] I have a lot to update with the new URL but from deciding yesterday I was going to move my blog I am now really happy to be moving. If you click on the link you will see that it’s on its way- I’ve already added a few badges that I couldn’t have on my blog here. Obviously there are no posts yet but that should change soon!!

I’m still a bit nervous about moving- there are a lot of aspects of wordpress that I do like. I like the ability to automatically publish to facebook (this isn’t possible on blogger, right?) and I can’t seem to be able to access blog stats like I can on here, which I love too. Ahh I’m getting cold feet now!! Can someone convince me that I’m doing the right thing? I’m really worried I’m going to lose everything- including all my readers. Promise me you’ll all follow me to my new home?

These photos demonstrate that I am in fact the world’s most vain person. I started out taking these photos in my glasses (my eyes needed a rest from my contacts-wearing), but I don’t like the way I look in my glasses. After a few photos I just took them off!! So these photos are taken mostly of me when I could barely see my hand in front of my face!

This dress is one of those things I absolutely adored when I bought but then went off the longer I had it. It’s been down-graded from an evening dress to a day dress, but I think it’s pretty enough for the day time without being too OTT. I had a bit of an issue with the belt. It’s sort of fitted under the bust and then flares out which has the effect of making me look pregnant!! I wasn’t sure whether the belt should be on my waist or where the seam on the dress is. It moves around a bit on these photos!!

dress- top shop tights- dorothy perkins shoes- new look pearls- primark headband- george at asda belt- new look

I’m glad I actually managed to get outfit photos done today- there’s been a huge storm today where I live!! It’s barely stopped raining like crazy all day. Luckily I’ve spent the day at home catching up on errands and writing I had to do so I didn’t have to leave the house!! I’m glad I managed to get quite a lot done. It stopped raining about 7.30pm so I went out to take some photos. I actually quite like these; I wanted a sort of fairy-in-the-garden aspect and I like the muted, vintage-y colours.

I’m actually getting quite excited about my year abroad now. I spoke to Lauren today to discuss all the millions of things we have to sort out before we go, but we soon got distracted making plans for when we get there and going travelling and what we’re going to get up to!! I’m still pretty nervous but I’m kinda excited too. I’ve added the weather in Duluth onto my iPod and I keep checking to see what it’s like over there!!

I’m home alone tonight, which normally bothers me, especially when I’ve been home all day, but I think I might catch up on Gossip Girl and do some reading. I’ve started reading Pygmy, which I never got into last time, but I’m being encouraged to read Lolita so I think I’l pick that back up!!

So should I take the plunge and move my blog over? Eeek I’m scared!! Please send me messages of encouragement- this feel like a massively huge big deal. But I love the thought of having my own dot net url- it is pretty exciting.

Charlotte xx


August 12, 2010

I’m actually seriously considering moving my blog to blogger. I have a blog set up and I’m contemplating buying my own domian.

I’ve very scared I’m about to lose everything.

But this could be amazing.

Any last minute advice? Please?

Charlotte xxx

wordpress annoyance!!

August 11, 2010

WordPress is starting to drive me mad.

Why can’t I have certain codings in my text widgets?

I’m really starting to feel like wordpress is limiting the options for my blog.

Does anyone have any advice about moving blog platforms?

Is there a way to import all of your blog posts into a new platform?

What platform is the best to move to?


sushi pjs

August 10, 2010

I am supposed to be a style blogger. I am supposed to be inspiring and fashionable and quirky. I should be dressed by 10am. But instead I am wearing these:

How cute are these pajamas?! Okay, they cost me an arm and a leg but it’s going to be cold in Minnesota and sushi-print pajamas are definitely the way forward!! I also working on getting the junk food ones in exchange for clearing out all my old pajamas. (I have a couple of nighties I’ve had since I was 8. Seriously.) I think I’m ready for “grown up” pajamas.  These pjs just really make me happy. Really happy. LOOK AT THE CUTE LITTLE SMILEY SUSHI!!

top and lounge pants- both David and Goliath

I don’t have work til 2 so I don’t need to leave here until after one and I didn’t want to waste an outfit on getting dressed and it was this or sweatpants (what’s happened to me?! I never used to wear sweatpants or pajamas unless I was sleeping. I think I’m getting old and now I like to be comfy. ) I do love my sweatpants though- they’re proper University Sports ones and they have University of Birmingham Dance Society down the leg. They’re fab. I like them because I can wear them and people won’t be like “ew what a tramp” they might be like “oh she’s going dancing”. Hmm. Maybe.

Anyway, back to actual fashion!! These photos were taken on Sunday. I’ve had a fab few days actually. Saturday was just work and then I went to pick my parents up from my Auntie’s (who fed me!!) and I stayed for a bit and they were all quite drunk which was quite funny. I was shattered after work though and didn’t enjoy not being in bed until 1am!! But on Sunday I went to meet one of my best friends and we went for coffee and a wander and a talk which was lovely, and then we went food shopping at work, came home and watched two episodes of Sherlock. Did anyone else watch it? Wasn’t it fab? I love his coat. I read a great article the other day on how they’re hoping Sherlock’s character will inspire men to dress up more. (ooh found it) I’d love a guy who dressed like this. I love all the Victorian-style dressing- like early Panic at the disco. I love waistcoats and long coats. Victorian style was just fabulous. There’s also a piece here on Sherlock Chic.

I know what you’re thinking “omg, photos outside of the house area!!”. Indeed, these are OUTSIDE MY HOUSE. I didn’t get very far!! I get too embarrassed posing around with my tripod in public. I know I need to man-up and do it. The park near my house is gorgeous but I just get too shy. I took advantage of the fact it was a quiet sunday evening when I took these!!

I had an absolutely fab.u.lous. day yesterday. I found out on Saturday that I wasn’t working yesterday so I quickly text my friend Briony who is back in Birmingham and asked if it would be cool with her for me to come down to Birmingham for the day. So yesterday I got up early, parked my car near the station and popped off to Birmingham for the day!! Briony met me at the station and we had a fab day of shopping, coffee breaks and LOTS of gossip. Briony was my first friend at university (we met in a Library induction both dying of freshers’ flu!!) and sat next to each other in lectures every monday and tuesday of first year. We struggled to arrange to meet through second year but the best thing about uni is sometimes you do lose touch with people you were really close with in first year because everyone is so busy but it’s so easy to rekindle a friendship. Whenever we see each other it’s like nothing has changed, and I suppose nothing really has!!

First stop was the Apple shop to get my ipod fixed. Now they say that when you get good customer service you tell a couple of people, but when you get bad customer service you tell everyone. Well I would like to tell every single person who reads this blog how amazing my customer service from Apple was!! My ipod was dead, basically. I could still use it to listen to music (ish) but the backlight was broken and so was the internet. I gave the man my ipod and he said it was out of warranty by 4 days (I almost cried!!) and it showed signs of water damage, which isn’t covered by the warranty. I thought, shit, that’s it isn’t it? Bye bye £250 on a new ipod. He then said it would cost £120 to be fixed. I asked him if I could have some time to think about it (I thought about buying a new ipod in America and making do for now). He said Apple like to show their customers that they offer great customer service so this one time he’s completely replace my old ipod with a brand new one for free, despite it being out of guarantee.  He said it was a one-off and next time I’d have to pay, but then produced a brand new 32GB ipod touch. A few signatures later and it was mine. Wow. I actually can’t believe it. I am now completely indebted to Apple now forever, and am definitely going to get an iPone next year. What great, considerate service!! I was over the moon!!

I also bought a few more things when I went shopping (I know, I’m so naughty!!). I finally got some black skinny trousers from H&M which I can’t wait to wear, a blue cardigan (I’m still after a red one, and my mustard one should be on the way!!), a cropped blazer (I wear so much high waisted stuff that a long blazer looks silly) and a pretty little white pussy-bow shirt- all from H&M. Oh and my adorable pajamas!! Briony tried on the most amazing mustard-coloured-poodle-print blazer which would have looked hideous on most people in the world. It looked amazing!! I hope she buys it!!

black top- H&M leather jacket- H&M jeans- top shop shoes- debenhams scarf- mum’s

I hardly ever, ever, ever wear jeans. I just get bored by them. I am always in skirts or shorts or dresses, which is weird really because I’ve always hated my legs. I just don’t know what to do with jeans. I always have to wear something different. I find it hard to stand out in jeans. But this was an outfit I wore for my work experience and my dad absolutely loved it. My mum showed me this gorgeous scarf and I was just in love. I decided it would look great with a really simple outfit with just a hint of leopard- my current favourite print.

Well there’s three weeks left and still so much to do!! I need to go ring the doctors, the dentist and the opticians to make sure I’m all checked over before I go (and for a year’s worth of contact lenses!!)- Thursday is the day I plan on getting all that done!! Tomorrow I have work all day and then we’re going to the pub for tea- a rare but nice treat!! Thursday is my day to go through all of my to-do list- Lauren is going to give me a ring so we can try to sort out all the things we may have forgotten to do!!

I’m sure I’ll get chance for an update on Thursday, if not before then. What are you up to this week? Anything exciting? Let me know in a comment. And if you have any comments/problems/ideas etc. feel free to drop me a comment or email me-

Have a fabulous Tuesday!!